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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject We should be at ApacheCon North America in February 2013
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2012 23:44:37 GMT
Hi all,

the subject says it. All infos are here:

(It is in lovely Portland Oregon, if you need any excuse, February 24-28, 2013 :)

I likely can’t make it myself, so I am counting on you guys to pick up the bat!

There are multiple ways of getting involved. I hope we can show a strong CouchDB presence.

1. Attend. Just get a ticket and go. If you are a committer, special rates apply. (If you
are on the fence about contributing, now is a good time to gain the commit bit in time :)
— The more CouchDB folks attend, the better a time everybody will have, and the more we
can show the world that we are awesome :)

2. Give a talk. There are plenty of things to talk about in CouchDB land, why not do some
of it? :) — Below is a list of potential topics. For some of them I have ready talks, abstracts,
sometimes even slides and recordings from previous talks, all of which I am happy to share
and make available for you to take and make your own.

- Introduction to CouchDB
- Introduction to BigCouch
- Introduction to PouchDB
- Introduction to TouchDB
- Advanced CouchDB / BigCouch / PouchDB / TouchDB
- Building Apps with a distributed databases (dealing with conflicts and whatnot)
- The CouchDB Implementation.
- CouchDB Grows Up: the state of the CouchDB community
- CouchDB and Git at Apache, sharing experiences
- Your CouchDB Use Case (why you use it and how)

The rules are outline in the Call for Papers:

The one caveat is the deadline, it is *this Sunday*, November 11th, no late-comers. I hope
we can still get a bunch of things in, I’m counting on you. Especially the US & Canada
based non-committers here, this is a great way to give back to the CouchDB project if you
want to.

If you think you are not qualified, bullshit, if you read this, you will be fine to give most
of the talks  above. If you have anything else in mind, submit that, too :)

If you need any assistance writing the abstract, making slides later and rehearsing, please
get in touch, myself & others here are happy to help.

If you think this is intimidating, it most certainly is (lot’s of smart people that one
doesn’t know, foreign city, etc). I guarantee it is worth getting over this. The Apache
folks a friendly bunch, even if they come over rough sometimes on mailing lists. It is really
nice to put names to faces and I’m sure you will make a friend or two.

Plus, this is a great opportunity to check out on other projects. I am currently at ApacheCon
EU and I learned tons about Cassandra and Lucene, both of which have implemented things we
might want to look at in the future.

Last but not least, there is a budget for helping with travel expenses.

3. Run / attend a community event. The two days before ApacheCon proper are reserved for all
sorts of community events like BarCamps, Hackathons, Trainings and whatnot. I’d love to
see a CouchHack-like event there, where devs and users can come together, and teach and learn
and hack together. All we need is a space to do things. I know we have friends in Portland
that could help with that. It’d be a matter of attending and volunteering to help to be
around. — I’d love if one of you could step up and say, “Hey, I’ll take this” and
then you, or a small group, can set everything up and invite everybody to come.

I’ve done this before in Berlin and it is great fun and not a lot of work, so I agreed to
do it again (the promised email is forthcoming) in Berlin. If you think you can do it, but
need help, let us know loud and clear, together we can do this!

* * *

If you have any questions, please get in touch. I hope we can turn this into a great event
for the CouchDB community, by the CouchDB community :)

May the Couch be with you,

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