Hi, Local couchdb works great, but replication does not work. Replication worked perfectly several days ago. You can see the correct (that was replicated) part of it here: http://diglossa.ru:5984/_utils/database.html?greek Please advice how can I find invalid record in local DB? I got this in log: =CRASH REPORT==== 5-Oct-2012::18:16:23 === crasher: initial call: couch_replicator:init/1 pid: <0.720.0> registered_name: [] exception exit: {worker_died,<0.727.0>, {{nocatch, {invalid_json, {{error, {1, "lexical error: invalid char in json text.\n"}}, <<"\r\n413 Request Entity Too Large\r\n\r\n

413 Request Entity Too Large

\r\n\r\n\r\n">>}}}, [{ejson,nif_decode,1,[{file,"ejson.erl"},{line,57}]}, {ejson,decode,1,[{file,"ejson.erl"},{line,38}]}, {couch_replicator_httpc,process_response,5, [{file,"src/couch_replicator_httpc.erl"}, {line,88}]}, -- лю. http://diglossa.ru xmpp://m.bykov@jabber.ru