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From Wordit <>
Subject Adding fields to _user db
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 01:49:52 GMT
I've read before that you are not supposed to store any other data in
the _users database except what's already there. Thing is, I need to
use a nickname for users since their email address is their username
(that's what BrowserId, Google OpenID etc use).

Adding a nickname field should be the easiest way to hide their
email/username. I've tried creating a hash of the username in a
profile document and storing the nickname there, but it makes things
very complex (e.g. see my post about CommonJS) and uses more

Design-wise it makes most sense to me to store the nickname in the
_users db since this is directly related to the user's identity. Their
actual username, being an email address, needs to be hidden. Is there
a good reason not to do this?


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