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From Steve Koppelman <>
Subject Simple load-balancing replication best practices
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2012 15:04:54 GMT
Assuming a hubless (i.e. not master-slave) set of 4 couchdb 1.2.0
servers behind a load balancer, is there a recommended best-practice
for setting up the replication relationships? I'm most interested in:

* Assuming the _replicator document is on one of the two nodes in a
relationship, is there a preference for push vs. pull replication
relationships? I seem to recall pull as being regarded as more
reliable than push through 1.1.1.

* The new docs highlight replication of the _replicator database as a
way to establish many-to-many replication. This raises two questions.

  1. Is there harm in this sort of cluster to have all members to pull
from one another, i.e., all of
C ->A

  2. Is there harm in full replication of _replicator if it results in
documents that point a node to itself?  That is, if I have a document
that specifies a source of "localhost" and a destination as "node B",
if this is replicated to node B this particular instance of the
_replicator doc would set up an instance to replicate to itself, which
doesn't sound good. Is it important to do filtered replication of
_replicator when taking this approach?

Rgds, etc.


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