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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: CouchDB bleeding CPU
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2012 13:23:11 GMT
I recall R15B02, perhaps earlier, introduced a scheduler that kept the
CPU hot to eliminate delays when changing state from idle. I read that
somewhere recently, but can't find the link.

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On 10 Oct 2012, at 13:05, Dave Cottlehuber <> wrote:

> On 10 October 2012 13:50, Pekka Olavi <> wrote:
>> Hello folks, I run a couch on my desktop for testing purposes.
>> Everything else is fine and dandy and I'm actually loving developing
>> for the web with couch. There is one gripe though, the beam.smp
>> process is bleeding the CPU, for some reason I have no proficiency to
>> analyse.
>> I start the server with "sudo couchdb" and it shows up in my ps aux like so:
>> /usr/lib/erlang/erts-5.8.3/bin/beam.smp -Bd -K true -A 4 -- -root
>> /usr/lib/erlang -progname erl -- -home /home/halides -- -noshell
>> -noinput -os_mon start_memsup false start_cpu_sup false
>> disk_space_check_interval 1 disk_almost_full_threshold 1 -sasl
>> errlog_type error -couch_ini /usr/local/etc/couchdb/default.ini
>> /usr/local/etc/couchdb/local.ini -s couch
>> Any help appreciated!
>> .p
> Hi Pekka,
> What is couchdb doing at the time? e.g. are you view indexing,
> whatever. Anything in the couch.log when running in debug mode?
> None of this will fix the problem, but it might be helpful to note
> what OS you're running as well, and how erlang was compiledm (or
> rpmd).
> Some of the flags you are using seem wrong if you are intending to
> enable kernel polling and increase the IO scheduler threads.
> -A 4 should be +A 4
> -K true should be +K true
> ditto for your +Bd option
> You might be interested in some of the tricks in here
> from archaelus, and let
> us know what processes are hogging.
> After that, I think your best bet will be to hop on irc in #erlang or
> #erlounge and get some other smart ideas.
> A+
> Dave

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