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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Yet Another couchdb-lucene question
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2012 01:07:35 GMT
I've almost got couchdb-lucene to work, but I must be missing something 
because I'm not getting indexes to build. Here is the behaviour I am seeing:

Hitting the URL 
sends back:


The view does in fact exist. The couchdb-lucene server then prints out:

     INFO [testdb] Indexing from update_seq start

Despite the message, though, nothing shows up in the indexes directory. 
Nor does the couchdb-lucene log say anything interesting. It just gives 
the same INFO message. The only other log message I get is when I change 
the design document in CouchDB.

_design/lucene contains:

        "_id": "_design/lucene",
        "_rev": "6-9b3a6fb41e455dfe88393ba9c5104a25",
        "fulltext": "{'by_type': {'index': 'function(doc) { var ret = 
new Document(); ret.add(doc.type); return ret; }' } }"

http://localhost:5984/ returns:


Apache Software Foundation"}}

and http://localhost:5985/ (and http://localhost:5984/_fti/local) returns:


I googled for a while but didn't see anything that helped. Am I missing 
something obvious or just too much on the bleeding edge? Any help 
appreciated. Thanks.

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