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From Tim Black <>
Subject One request will not respond until another request is made
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2012 22:18:10 GMT
I'm developing a couchapp.  I'm accessing the database via
jquery.couch.js and backbone-couchdb.js, and used to be able to make
requests to the database with no problem, but now for some reason
although requests to the /app/_design/app/index.html (and the files it
loads) succeed (as expected), when I try to refresh (or otherwise use)
Futon in the same Google Chrome browser window, but in a different tab,
the database does not respond until I refresh the browser tab containing
/app/_design/app/index.html (this is NOT expected; this is the
problem).  Futon responds fine in a separate Firefox window, though,
without refreshing the ...index.html window in Google Chrome.  But if I
open both my application and Futon in separate tabs of the same Firefox
window, the same problem occurs in Firefox too.  So it appears the
problem boils down to this:  within the context of the same browser
session, in some cases one request will not respond until another
request is made.  I don't know yet which request is the trigger that
enables other requests to get a response.  I think this is an
authentication problem, but haven't been able to figure it out yet.  Any
ideas how I can solve the problem?

A little more info:

I'm using basic authentication.  I haven't messed with vhosts.

In Chrome's Developer Tools network tab, the requests which do not
return a response are labeled "(pending)" in the "Status" column.  In
other words, there is no three-digit response code, because there is no

For example, one request is to
It is labeled "(pending)" in the network tab.  But when I put curl
into a terminal, I get a normal response.  So could jquery.couch.js
and/or backbone-couchdb.js (I'm using both) be overwriting each other's
authentication cookie?

I notice that beam.smp is using around 154 MB of RAM, and that doesn't
seem right to me.

Thanks for any help!


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