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From Ryan Ramage <>
Subject Re: A new Garden
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2012 22:50:12 GMT
On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 12:26 AM, Michiel de Jong <> wrote:
> many thanks for doing this!

Thanks for the great feedback and really walking through it. I had
most of it done for a while, just needed to really work hard to polish
it up a bit more.

> I really like how install lets you choose "garden market" but also "or
> paste a URL", easily usable.
> One question about pasting a URL though: it wasn't clear to me how i
> can for instance install - should i
> obtain some sort of app manifest URL from the independent app
> publisher to paste in there?

Currently the only url that work in that field is a link to an app in
_any_ garden market. Something that looks like:

We just wanted to show a way that you are not forced to use one
market. Some work should be done to make that more clear. That being
we could probably sniff the url provided a little more, and if it is a
regular couchapp provided a way to replicate it over to your garden. I
will have to think about that.

> I even think the "do you trust this app?" page can be toned down, when
> i saw it i assumed that all apps would be sharing one data space.
> Given that this is not the case, all an app could do is DoS you,
> right? I mean, i think you could skip this "are you sure?" screen
> even.

It needs to be there in some form. I can send you a link like this: To try and fool you. Just some safety measures.

> I'll think about if there is a way to port our existing remoteStorage
> apps to CouchApp. They all use remoteStorage.js, so if we port that,
> we would port all future apps on our platform automatically to your
> platform. The main difference is the separation between data of
> different apps, i think.

I can see remote storage as a nice fit if people build hosted gardens
from the smaller apps, and remoteStorage lets them save data to/from
them. Also pouchdb is a great fit for this.

> ps, everybody else can stop trying to squat '' as
> a username, i already got it. :)

it truly is trying to be an unwalled garden. Good name :)

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