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From muji <>
Subject [os_daemons] & couchdb-lucene process
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2012 19:57:20 GMT
I've just started the process of integrating couchdb-lucene with my
project and thought that the lucene server would be a good candidate
for integrating using the [os_daemons] functionality.

My configuration looks like:

couchdb_lucene = /usr/local/divebox/sbin/couchdb-lucene/bin/run -with

couch dutifully starts the process upon start up and monitors the
process while it is running but when I shut couch down the
couchdb-lucene java process is still running.

Is this expected behaviour?

This behaviour of course leaves rogue java processes running after
couch server restarts (the new processes as they cannot bind to the
lucene server port). It is arguable that the couchdb-lucene program
should quit with a non-zero exit status when the server port is
already in use, but then the question is whether couchdb would
continue to monitor the os_daemon process started previously? I guess
not as couch would not attempt to start a new process if it detected
the one from a previously running couch.

Personally, I think the [os_daemons] functionality should also
terminate the process at shutdown, but then I guess this would need to
be optional for use cases where the daemon is persistent when couch is
shutdown but couch is still used to monitor the process while it is

Any thoughts/advice much appreciated.

mischa (aka muji).

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