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From Michiel de Jong <>
Subject Re: A new Garden
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2012 06:26:01 GMT
many thanks for doing this!

I really like how install lets you choose "garden market" but also "or
paste a URL", easily usable.

One question about pasting a URL though: it wasn't clear to me how i
can for instance install - should i
obtain some sort of app manifest URL from the independent app
publisher to paste in there?

Good choice i think in separating each app into its own db. That keeps
the security simple. If apps want to interact, they can just use
webintents or inter-app OAuth.

I even think the "do you trust this app?" page can be toned down, when
i saw it i assumed that all apps would be sharing one data space.
Given that this is not the case, all an app could do is DoS you,
right? I mean, i think you could skip this "are you sure?" screen

I'll think about if there is a way to port our existing remoteStorage
apps to CouchApp. They all use remoteStorage.js, so if we port that,
we would port all future apps on our platform automatically to your
platform. The main difference is the separation between data of
different apps, i think.

ps, everybody else can stop trying to squat '' as
a username, i already got it. :)

Again, kudos for doing this!


On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 11:12 PM, Ryan Ramage <> wrote:
> Hey relaxers, you may remember the original garden that jchris did.
> Well, I have taken that idea and run with it.
> Checkout
> The idea is really to provide an open platform for both developers and
> end users, all firmly rooted in couchdb.
> For users, it could not be simpler to install an app anywhere. With a
> few steps a user could be running your app in the cloud with no
> installation headaches.
> They will be able to choose downloads for most platforms, as well as
> the option of a private couch provided by IrisCouch. It is all
> hopefully very frictionless.
> For developers it solves many distribution problems. Its very easy to
> make new apps using the existing couch tool-chains. You can even
> retrofit existing couchapps
> quickly an put them in the market. Also, the garden provides a very
> good way to push and manage updates. Another wall hit by developers is
> the private data scenario.
> You could even have them install the app, work with private data
> locally (or in a private cloud) and setup a sync back to a central
> place.
> I hope the community will pitch in and create or retrofit some amazing
> apps. Here are some ideas:
> - Apps that make it easy to quickly get a public site going. Forum
> apps, issue trackers, etc
> - Collaboration apps that will work together.
> - Personal apps that can sync to a private hosted space, and between a
> users devices.
> Thanks, and please provide me with any feedback, ideas, bugs or whatever!
> Ryan

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