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From "john.tiger" <>
Subject organizing docs
Date Sun, 09 Sep 2012 15:14:54 GMT
we like couchdb but the most frustrating part of trying to use it is the 
poor state of documentation (this is not a criticism, just how we find 
the current state) - there are some docs but they are scattered all over 
the place and hard to follow or find.  (ie we are trying to find any 
docs or tuts on the security features as of 1.20 - cannot find it aside 
from the "what's new" notes and the security chapter in the definitive 
guide based on 0.11)

how can we help to get this organized better ?  right now it does not 
appear that any docs are downloaded with the source - what is the 
"official" documentation ?  roadmap ?  there is a wiki, user guide, api 
listing, the definitive guide book project, some good tutorials but 
across various versions (especially on couch app, planet couch (which 
seems non active), much good info in the users forum that could be 
posted in docs, just a couple of brief posts on jquery.couch, .......   
There is not even a menu button for documentation on the home page !

is there any sort of "team" for docs ?  if not, let's create one.  is 
there an "official" place for any existing or new documentation ?  if 
not, let's assign it or create it along with easy instructions on how to 
contribute (contributions are sorely needed).

so a) I hope the "core" team can recognize/accept the fact the docs 
needs lots of work and b) we are offering to help and I hope the core 
team is willing to accept some outside help on this.

so if yes to both, first order is to create a docs team (that can make 
decisions on what goes where, review contributions, ...) and then create 
a docs roadmap

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