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From Jens Alfke <>
Subject Re: function_clause error in HTTP request
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2012 18:14:49 GMT

On Aug 3, 2012, at 10:36 AM, Paul Davis <> wrote:

> I think it was when CouchDB
> receives an attachment that's gzipped it doesn't bother doing an
> "gunzip > /dev/null" type operation to get the identity length and
> then when it sends the attachment to something that doesn't understand
> gzip compression there's a mismatch in what lengths are expected.

Thanks for the info — this is relevant to my interests. When TouchDB PUTs a gzipped attachment
body it marks it as encoded in the JSON _attachments dict; so CouchDB shouldn't be needing
to decompress it right then, since it can store it in the gzipped form (unless it wants to
validate the data integrity first?)

Also, the Content-Length of the attachment MIME body is the gzipped length, not the uncompressed

> Or something along those lines.

Anyone got a bug number I could look at? I'd really appreciate it!

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