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From Michael Bykov <>
Subject Re: I replicate _replicator by chance
Date Sun, 05 Aug 2012 23:46:06 GMT
2012/8/5 Dave Cottlehuber <>:
> On 5 August 2012 19:47, Michael Bykov <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I by chance replicate "_replicator" to a destination database. More
>> exactly, I click "replicate" button, but nothing happens.
>> But now, when I replicate my local db, it wrote in a log on each document:
>> [error] [<0.28457.5>] Replicator: couldn't write document
>> `4fc8269be10198e2bfa2a137fe1a9333`, revision
>> `1-4a8baba0dd74f92ec0da91e8fff84774`, to target database
>> `http://admin:*****@localhost:5986/diglossa/`. Error: `forbidden`,
>> reason: `The `source' property must exist and be either a string or an
>> object.`
>> And in Futon:
>> {"session_id":"d7c097b8d822f707725b1b79b5bc3bc8","start_time":"Sun, 05
>> Aug 2012 17:34:34 GMT","end_time":"Sun, 05 Aug 2012 17:34:42
>> GMT","start_last_seq":262336,"end_last_seq":262672,"recorded_seq":262672,"missing_checked":280,"missing_found":280,"docs_read":280,"docs_written":0,"doc_write_failures":280}
>> I compact and cleanup both databases, it did not help.
>> Please, suggest, what can be done?
>> --
>> М.
>> xmpp://
> Hi Michael,
> The thing stopping writing your docs is a validation function (clue
> "`The `source' property must exist and be either a string or an
> object" is not in the couch source tree). I'm guessing a little but I
> think your _replicator db at one end now has "normal" design docs in
> it.
> What I'd do now is:
> 1. rename the _replicator.couch db file at the problem end to something else.
> 2. restart couchdb (get a new, clean _replicator)
> 3. if you need to, log into futon as admin and delete all ddocs in the
> renamed, foobared _replicator and rename it back. You'll likely only
> need this if you have continuous replications, or ones that should be
> present on a restart of couchdb.
> 4. any more cleanup as reqd by your application.
> I think that's enough to get you started.
> A+
> Dave

Hi Dave, thank you!

yes, _replicator.couch files had different sizes, 4.1 kb on local end
and 8.2 on remote.

I removed both _replicator.couch and restart both couchdb. but alas,
it did not help.

in logs on my side (each document)

[error] [<0.3848.0>] Replicator: couldn't write document xxx to target database

but on remote side

[info] [<0.253.0>] OS Process #Port<0.3042> Log :: Error writing
document `1a1f377aaa9a5f0125b2344c20087eb7' to the replicator
database: The `source' property must exist and be either a string or
an object.

Why it write 'replicator database'?

By the way, remote end had a lot of strange for this place files and
directories, for example .bashrc, .ssh, .bash_logout. .emacs.d/

I have deleted all of them, and restart it again. Now it has the same
files as my local end.

Permissions are correct, as far as I can see.

I have deleted my new docs from local db, replication goes ok, in Futon


and then I have created this docs again and had again



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