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From Jason Smith <>
Subject Re: max_document_size limits on hosted services?
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2012 00:32:49 GMT
Hi, Jens.

Cloudant and Iris Couch run dissimilar software. It's a big clue that
you have problems on both. Either you found a deep bug common to both
(e.g. MochiWeb); or maybe they are independent failures; or maybe door
number three.

You say there is sometimes a 503 and sometimes a drop. Is that across
both services?

Finally, while not doubting your symptoms at all, I must say in my
experience, the "hosting" has very rarely been a contributing factor
to a bug. It's basically CouchDB (or BigCouch) running on an x86_64

Anyway, if you want, contact me off-list and I can set up some pcap
rules for your couch and we can investigate the captures.

On Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 12:24 AM, Jens Alfke <> wrote:
> I've had a few reports from TouchDB users of problems replicating large documents up
to hosted services (IrisCouch or Cloudant). The symptom is that TouchDB uploads ~200k of JSON
via _bulk_docs and then either gets a 503 error or just a dropped connection. I'm wondering
whether this is a symptom of hitting a server-side limit on the maximum size of a document
> Looking through the CouchDB config I see a couchdb.max_document_size setting, but it
defaults to 4GB, which should be more than sufficient :) It's also set to 4GB on my basic
IrisCouch account. Is there some other limit on document size, or known bugs that would cause
a server error with very large JSON documents?
> —Jens

Iris Couch

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