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From Andrew Melo <>
Subject Strange caching
Date Sat, 11 Aug 2012 22:11:25 GMT
Hey all,

I'm at my wits end here trying to figure this out, maybe someone can help.

I have a view with a map function and a database with one document.
The view just looks for if doc['state'] is 'failed' or 'done' and if
there is, it emits a value. A previous version of the view only
checked for 'done'. If it helps, I'm running these tests in a unittest
which deletes the database after every test case, and i've also
manually deleted the database from futon to be extra-sure that it's
gone and any state's been blown away.

Now, if my document has state = done, the view correctly shows the one
row. However, if state = false, the view emits zero rows. I've added
some log() statements into the branch that should be executed if the
doc fails the state test, and it's not executed. It seems like somehow
an old old version of the view has been cached somewhere. Stranger,
the docs contain timestamps, so the hashes should be different in
every invocation, so if my understanding of how the view caching
works, this shouldn't be cached at all.

Strangely, if I go to futon, select the offending view, hit the "view
code" function and insert whitespace, it returns the correct value.

Is there some strange bug I'm triggering or is this a known feature?
I've pasted my view and my doc below.

Thanks in advance,

my view:
function complete_job(doc) {
	if ( (doc['state'] == 'failed' )  || ( doc['state'] == 'done' ) ) {
		return true;
	log( doc );
	return false;

function(doc) {
	if(doc.lfn && complete_job(doc)){
		emit(doc.last_update, {"lfn": doc.lfn, "workflow": doc.workflow,
"location": doc.destination, "checksum": doc.checksums, "jobid":
doc.jobid, "retry_count": doc.retry_count.length+1, "size": doc.size,
"state" : doc.state});

My document:
   "_id": "e5c47962375981dd336c2bc8d4a94208375935f06868847f3363daaa",
   "_rev": "2-7a50be4c10264ab4fb94a5bbf489dcfc",
   "inputdataset": "",
   "lfn": "/store/user/meloam/T2stop_600_50_0_5test/MeloAcquisitionEra/IntegrationTest_120810/00000/B4749FB5-38E3-E111-ADC3-782BCB4FBD6F.root",
   "checksums": {
       "adler32": "5759a594",
       "cksum": "468777326"
   "size": 2432988,
   "group": "",
   "destination": "T1_US_FNAL_Buffer",
   "last_update": 1344722369,
   "source": "T2_US_Vanderbilt",
   "state": "failed",
   "role": "",
   "dbSource_url": "",
   "dn": "None",
   "workflow": "meloam_ASYNCTEST1_120810_170823_8981",
   "timestamp": 1344722369,
   "start_time": "2012-08-11 16:59:29.754080",
   "job_end_time": 1342768166,
   "dbs_url": null,
   "publication_retry_count": [
   "user": "T2stop_600_50_0_5test",
   "dbSource_update": 1342768166,
   "publication_state": "not_published",
   "task": "/meloam_MeloMCGenTestv6_120719_204741_1342/Production",
   "jobid": "a9a04888-d239-11e1-b31b-001d7d020436-0",
   "retry_count": [
       "2012-08-11 16:59:29.963710"
   "publish_dbs_url": "",
   "end_time": "2012-08-11 16:59:29.963710"

Andrew Melo

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