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From Wendall Cada <>
Subject Re: userCtx extra information
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2012 20:39:49 GMT

> Like I said there are some features actually missing in couch that
> would ease that. (partial updates and partial fetch). Of course a view
> could be use to see only profile but that would be a hack.
> And this is not only about being a db or something alternative. This
> is more about security here. Even in the old world data for
> authentication and profiles are generally separated. For a good
> reason. This isn't generally the same person that have access to them.
>   And personnaly I would see a profile linked to a user but not in the
> same doc.
> Also I'm pretty sure that the reason people are asking about
> populating this userCtx is because they lack the possibility to query
> internally the db. This can be changed.
> - benoƮt
I agree with this. The reason for wanting to put data there is the lack 
of support for doing this through a separate document and being able to 
query the db internally for the extended data. Often this data is 
designed not for security but to control application behavior. User 
settings, etc. Currently there isn't a design pattern I can see where 
this is possible without fetching extra docs for every request.


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