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From "john.tiger" <>
Subject Re: html5 to couchdb without couchapp
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2012 17:45:25 GMT
On 08/15/2012 11:25 AM, Octavian Damiean wrote:
> Well, as with any technology you don't know,  take your time to get used to
> it and to fully understand it and then start using it.

hey, I asked for some details not a stupid answer - that's the really 
big problem with the couch community - too much wasted time to get 
answers to getting things to work and implemented -  piss poor docs, no 
good how-tos, piss poor community help !!!

> On Aug 15, 2012 7:13 PM, "john.tiger"<>  wrote:
>> On 08/15/2012 08:16 AM, Dale Harvey wrote:
>>> You need to have a proxy so you can made requests from your site to the
>>> CouchDB via the same host, then everything 'just works'
>> hmm, can you explain this a bit more  - obviously server-server calls
>> provide security - but where does the proxy fit in ?    we have been happy
>> using node-http-proxy (nodejs) on some apps.   jquery.couch seems to be
>> something we're looking for making the db calls - frankly, have not had the
>> time to look at it too closely yet - maybe this weekend

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