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From Michael Bykov <>
Subject Re: couchdb-lucene - json black magic
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2012 11:30:05 GMT
2012/7/10 Michael Bykov <>:
> Hi,
> my CL works ok on test base. But on real base with more than 100K records I got
> INFO [diglossa] Indexing from update_seq start
> ERROR [diglossa] JSON exception in changes loop
> org.json.JSONException: Duplicate key "rpp"
> and then
> Search timed out.
> there are 26 records with "rpp" key, and there is no duplicate keys of
> course. I have copied this 26 recoprs with "rpp" key to test db, and
> it still works ok.
> fulltext function was copy-pasted from test db to read db in Futon.
> Please advice what can be done in such desperate circumstances?

Hi, my adventures continue

in new document I have

"rpp": {
   "Suetonius/De-Vita-Caesarum/Divus-Julius": 10,
   "Suetonius/De-Vita-Caesarum/Divus-Augustus": 10,
   "Suetonius/De-Vita-Caesarum/Tiberius": 9 ... etc}

And after http://localhost:5984/diglossa/_fti/_design/diglossa/search

I got "Search timed out", and in Lucene log - JSONException: Duplicate
key "rpp".

If I change 9 to "9", or even delete any row and save document, CL works fine.

I can even restore "rpp" field to original form, and now it works
fine. There is no "duplication" any more.

So I have to make any change by hand, save doc, and then restore it
and save again as if it is in original form. And CL works fine now.

Surprisingly. CL does not like the Roman emperors.


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> М.
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