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From Stephen Cannon <>
Subject Performance Question
Date Sat, 07 Jul 2012 17:09:28 GMT
Noob question.  Apologize if bad protocol.  Slap me and point me in
the correct place for this info.

I am considering CouchDB as the back end for a mobile tablet based application.

I am considering using CouchDB instead of a middle tier like a rails,
php or node framework (geddy, railways, flat iron or whatever) web
tier RESTful application.  Just the mobile front end and a CouchDB

I have had trouble finding a straight answer on performance online and
through other channels.  I have found a few articles claiming that
CouchDB has performance issues related to inserting documents and long
compile times on updated views in databases with a lot of documents.
I have found articles claiming Couchbase has higher performance or
even MongoDB.

The application I will be building will have a lot of data over a
period of time.  As well, intraday document will be updated but once
they are older than a day they won't be updated ever.

The application is a point of sale cash register software type system
running on tablets for a multi-store chain.  So inventory items
records will be updated regularly and daily transaction documents will
be updated a few times as items are added, changed, paid for etc...

Can anyone point me in a direction where I can get a straight answer
in terms of performance for CouchDB and use in production commercial
scenarios like this?

I have been playing around with CouchDB and I like it.  I have
experience with most RDBMS systems.  I work with MongoDB and I like
that as well.  I  have not worked with Couchbase yet but it looks like
it is couchDB and membase/cached merged in some way so I doubt I would
find it dificult to work with.  Oh yeah, and I considered RIAK but
haven't played around with it much.

Stephen Cannon
Mobile: 727.386.6298

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