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From Douglas Turner <>
Subject Re: Couchbase Mobile to CouchDB on AWS - Looking for instance sizing advice.
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2012 18:51:00 GMT
Hi Octavian
There are two halves to the cronjob. First is finding any new databases 
that have been created on Server A, creating them on Server B then 
starting replication. Second, send a replication continuous = true for 
existing databases.This covers server changes/moves, new databases, 
missing replication instances.

My understanding is that I can send the replication request multiple 
times with no ill effects and continuous replication does not survive 
server reboots. Using _replicator has been problematic in my usage and I 
have yet to have create_target=true work, so I have opted to take the 
KISS approach. LOL, at least that is how I see it.


On 7/2/12 11:15 AM, Octavian Damiean wrote:
> Hello Douglas,
> Is there a special reason for using a cron job to continously sync
> between the two remote databases? CouchDB offers continous replication
> already.
> Cheers,
> Octavian Damiean
> On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 7:28 PM, Douglas Turner<>  wrote:
>> Hello
>> Let's see if I can articulate this sufficiently.
>> Some background: I am a one person shop, I wear all the hats and I have been
>> learning everything as I go for the last 18-20 months, so I am still a bit
>> of a noob.
>> I have an iOS app created in Titanium using Pegli's ti_couchbase module. If
>> the user wants to enable syncing, they enter their requested GroupName,
>> Password, eMail address.  The app reaches out to a php document that uses
>> php-on-couchdb to check if the GroupName (database name) is available, if it
>> is, that database is created with the proper authorization/password. This
>> all works great and I am very pleased with it.
>> I am currently running everything into IrisCouch. I am considering changing
>> over to AWS as IrisCouch seems a bit slow, plus last week they were down all
>> morning one day. I have everything up and running on an AWS micro instance.
>> (Couchdb 1.2). In fact I have two instances, Couch A and Couch B. Couch B is
>> my backup server and has a cron job running a script to continuously
>> replicate everything on A to B.
>> The current version of my app has about 3k users. If history is an
>> indicator, when this syncing version is released, I expect about 250 users
>> (world wide) per day to update to the sync version. I expect 80% will enable
>> syncing. The numbers I am anticipating are 200 people per day creating a
>> database initially syncing 300-600 documents (2-4Meg per db). The Couchdb
>> server is for replication only.
>> After the initial updates I anticipate an average of 15 users per day
>> growth, databases created with less than 20 docs to start.
>> Using Cloudant is not an option at this time and I would rather get away
>> from IrisCouch.
>> Will a Micro instance be sufficient or will I need to go larger?
>> Thank you for the help and advice!

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