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From Luca Matteis <>
Subject Adding vs replicating documents
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2012 01:35:38 GMT
I have a file that contains lots of JSON documents - probably around
1gb of data.
I uploaded this file to my server's Couch instance (on the cloud)
using the Bulk API.
Now I need to re-upload it because I've made some changes to the file
- I've added some documents, deleted some, and edited a few.

My question is, can I avoid sending over the wire the 1gb of data
every time I make modifications to it?

I've thought about setting up a local Couch instance on my computer,
upload data there, and then replicate it to my Couch instance, so that
only changes get sent over the wire... but was wondering if there was
an easier way instead of having to install CouchDB on my computer.

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