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From Tim Tisdall <>
Subject Re: limit on number of docs updated via _bulk_docs?
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 11:55:06 GMT
Yeah, I've done other bulk updates with millions and had no problem
either, that's why I'm not sure what's going on here.

I forgot to mention that I'm not running the script on the same
documents each time.  I have about 14 million docs and I'm processing
a different set each time, so it's not dying on as specific document
each time but after it's processed any 11k of documents.

I'll try putting the logging on debug and see what's there... on
"error" there's absolutely nothing showing in there.


On Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 12:14 AM, CGS <> wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> I've been using successfully _bulk_docs insertions with millions of docs
> and I had no problem (well, I had a problem when I used os:cmd/1 + cURL
> because I exceeded the number of "allowed" lines, but except for that, I
> had no problem). I would suggest to check at which doc it breaks and see if
> there is a problem with the document format (e.g., forgot to close/open a
> curly bracket or a double quota, or problems from JSON format etc.) or if
> your HDD isn't full. If you don't find the error by looking at that
> document, try to isolate it and to make a single insertion with it only
> (you will get back an error and, at least, it will give you a hint where
> the problem is).
> That is what comes to my mind now. If I have more ideas, I will let you
> know.
> On Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 5:07 AM, Tim Tisdall <> wrote:
>> Hopefully someone can give me an idea on this problem because I think
>> I've about exhausted ideas.
>> I'm doing a series of document updates fairly rapidly.  I was doing
>> the updates via PUT and was having no problems except for the DB file
>> size growing way too fast.  I changed things to update the database in
>> batches using _bulk_docs.  Now I seem to have a problem with
>> connections timing out to couchdb after about 11000 doc updates.  I've
>> tried different size batches from 5 to 500 docs but each time the
>> program dies with a connection time out after about the same number of
>> doc updates.
>> I thought it may be a problem with my code (it's in PHP, and that's
>> usually the problem ;) ), however I tried something that I think
>> negates that possibility.  I have the script running and stop it after
>> about 5000 updates, then manually restart the script again right away.
>>  The second time the script dies after about 6000 updates.  So, still
>> around 11000 updates over 2 different processes.
>> Any thoughts, guesses, things to try, or things to test?
>> -Tim

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