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From bsquared <>
Subject Filtered Replication Question
Date Sun, 17 Jun 2012 22:31:16 GMT

I am wondering how to implement a filtered replication with a blacklist
of sorts.  

(C..?) <--> (B?) <--> (A)

Where (A) is a local couchapp and (B) is an optional duplicate on the
Internet.  A and B replicate with one or more document stores (C..Z).  I
want to be able to ignore selected documents from the document
stores. The net affect is that user of (A) is deleting the document from
their replicated copies, but it still exists on the original document

The idea that comes to mind for me is to have a design doc hold some
document metadata that I could use in a filter.

         my_doc_metadata : [ 
                         {id: doc_1, state:hidden
                         {id: doc_2, state:pinned}, ...]  

This doc would be replicated between (A) and (B) only.

Is this possible?  If so how could this be implemented in a filter?

Any alternatives come to mind?

Thank you.


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