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From CDR <>
Subject Re: database dynamic hot plug (attach / detach)
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 11:47:09 GMT
Thank you to have enlighten my questions.

To summarise, two choices:
 - start a  server for each db, then merge queries from the n server to
produce an output.
 - patch couchdb to add support of 'attach' and 'detach'
functionalities. But still end with mutliple view (one per db per fs)
that require result merging to produce an output.

I think the first one sound more reasonable :)
Just by curiosity, the attach and detach have to be coded in Erlang,
involving file open and close. Is their a request queue, current IO or
something like that inside couchdb? I guess I just need to watch server
shutdown code.


> An enhancement to make it pluggable does sound intriguing, though I'll
> note that when Ubuntu had a similar problem (distinct databases for
> distinct local users) they elected to run a separate couchdb process
> for each user.
> Bottom line: To get the feature you want, you'll need to patch
> CouchDB. Done well, I think there's a good chance we'd merge it into a
> future release.

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