It should be limited to views within a single design doc.  There's some storage efficiency I think for placing all your views into a single design doc, but all views in a design doc get rebuilt when you modify any of the views.

If your views aren't dependent upon each other, and you aren't concerned about disk utilization, you could create each view in a separate design doc to bypass the rebuild.  Other 'hackery' that I understand is possible is to push the modified view to a copy of the design doc with a different _id and begin the index process (query the last document in the view). Then once the indexing is complete, update the original design doc to match the alternate and CouchDb should assume using the view that was 'backgrounded'. This will keep all views accessible until you swap in the changes after the modified view is indexed.

- Jim

Jim Klo
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On May 31, 2012, at 4:40 PM, Matthias Eck wrote:


One of my databases in CouchDB has close to 1,000,000 documents with a
size of about 200GB.
If I change one of the views, the indexing takes about 2 hours.

This time would be not a problem, but I am wondering why I cannot
access the other views, that were previously generated during the
indexing time.
Currently none of the views is available, taking my web application
down during this time.

Is there a parameter that can be adjusted to allow view access during indexing?