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From CGS <>
Subject Re: Can't get to port 5984 from outside my box
Date Sat, 19 May 2012 07:03:39 GMT

If you don't have any other HTTP server and you are filtered on other IP's,
you can use the standard HTTP port 80. To do so, use the ini file with the
following modifications:

port = 80
bind_address =

If you have more than one network card (LAN/WLAN), you can bind your
CouchDB server to a specific IP address by replacing with your
desired IP. E.g., let's consider you have your server with 3 interfaces:
loopback (aka localhost or, local network (virtual IP which
usually starts with: 10 or 192, but sometimes with some other numbers,
depending on the local network configurations) and a public IP (one to be
used with the external world communication, usually set by your ISP). If
you want to create a back-end CouchDB server to be accessed only from
within your local network, your bind_address should take the virtual IP
value. If CouchDB is used as back-end DB server, but on the same PC on
which you have the front-end web server, you can use bind_address with If you want to serve web pages directly from your CouchDB
instance, use bind_address with the IP given by your ISP. Finally, if you
don't know what you want or you want your CouchDB instance to be accessible
from everywhere (directly from localhost, directly from your local network
and from external world), use bind_address with (this will bind
your CouchDB instance to all your IPv4 interfaces).

To find out what is your IP, under MS Windows:
1. Open a terminal: Windows Key + R (or, Start -> Run) and type cmd <ENTER>.
2. Type in the terminal ipconf (or ipconfig, don't remember now exactly)
Under Linux:
1. Open a terminal (that is pretty well known by the Linux users, I
2. Type ifconfig <ENTER>. Note: some Linux admins do not allow access to
this command or on some distros it's not in the standard path, so, if you
get a message like "command not found", either use root privileges or use
the full path toward ifconfig (e.g., /sbin/ifconfig).

To access your CouchDB from another PC from the same network, use as
internet address your IP/<PATH_TOWARD_YOUR_SHOW_DOC>.

If you use another port, then use: IP:PORT/<PATH_TOWARD_YOUR_SHOW_DOC>,
where IP is the IP you got from the terminal and PORT is the port set in
the ini file.

I hope this info will help.


On Sat, May 19, 2012 at 2:40 AM, James Marca <>wrote:

> I use linux, but I *think* you can solve your problem with the
> following in the local.ini config file.
> [httpd]
> ;port = 5984
> bind_address =
> On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 11:48:23PM +0000, Hankey, Chris wrote:
> > I was able to set up a demo of CouchDB working very quickly, but it only
> works via localhost.  How can I make the demo accessible to other users on
> my network?  I get a time out if I swap my IP address for localhost in the
> URL.  I also tested via telnet & my boxes IP & get a  "Could not open
> connection to the host, on port 5984: Connect failed" error.  IS this
> CouchDB or my PC?  Windows Firewall is not enabled.
> >
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Chris

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