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From Paul Hirst <>
Subject RE: Applying a custom patch when building with build-couchdb
Date Tue, 22 May 2012 08:14:09 GMT
>> I have a custom patch with increases the javascript stack quota (from 20M
>> to 200M). I need this to process some of the ridiculously large documents I
>> have in my database. Without it the view build fails. I've been using it
>> since Couch 0.10. I recently built version 1.2 using build-couchdb for the
>> first time, previously I was rolling my own Ubuntu packages but I figured
>> build-couchdb might be easier.
>> Is there I way I can apply custom patches when using build-couchdb?
>1.2.0 already supports this;
>Usage: couchjs [FILE]
>The couchjs command runs the Apache CouchDB JavaScript interpreter.
>The exit status is 0 for success or 1 for failure.
>  -h          display a short help message and exit
>  -V          display version information and exit
>  -H          enable couchjs cURL bindings (only avaiable
>              if package was built with cURL available)
>  -S SIZE     specify that the interpreter should set the
>              stack quota for JS contexts to SIZE bytes
>Report bugs at <>.

Great. It sounds like I don't need my patch. I have since found the page on the wiki which
documents this feature. It crept into 1.1.1 without me noticing.

Unfortunately I've now tried using this option and it doesn't help even if I set it to crazy
sizes like 1G. I have isolated the offending document (22M of JSON) and have been running
couchjs manually on it but I get 'out of memory' no matter what I do. I also tried applying
my original patch but that didn't help either (which is good in some sense).

So for the moment I have trimmed down the document and updated it in the database and my views
are building once again. It only seems to be one document out of ~80 million so far and I
guess sometimes life is too short.

>Re custom patches on build-couchdb, simplest approach is to fork, apply
>your patch to a custom branch and then use  something like:
> rake git="git:// a_fork" install=a_spoon

That sounds like a good solution. I'll do that if I need my own patches in future.

Thanks a lot (and Jason too),


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