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From Robert Wadholm <>
Subject RE: Library System in production
Date Thu, 10 May 2012 15:29:53 GMT or may work then. Diglossa is focused on side-by-side translation
libraries, The Little Library is a cross device digital library, both are on top of CouchDB.
You can replicate from and play with The Little Library, or if
you'd prefer, you can install the application straight from
The Little Library has search built-in (metadata--not full text search), can hold any kind
of digital resource (most of the common mime types are already baked in, and more can be added),
has full or partial library replication built-in, and runs in the cloud, on a local network,
and locally on a single device (and syncs/backs up data automatically when the client's machine
is online). The code for both The Little Library and Diglossa are on Github if you want to
build something off of them or just see how they are put together.
Let us know if you find (or create) another solution,

2012/5/10 Cesar Casasola <>:
> To clarify a bit more the idea.
> I am new to CouchDB. I've just started to learn this technology. The 
> first idea thatoccurred was used in a library (or a catalog of 
> documents) where use relational databases. Then gradually create the 
> basic functionality for a catalog: indexing andsearching. All this 
> through a web interface. Later this would be a module of an enterprise 
> application for a library.
> In any case the question is if anyone knows any application that has 
> the features I mentioned and which is used for a catalog of documents 
> and  that use CouchDB as a backend.
> Greetings
> 2012/5/9 Robert Wadholm <>
>> -- Any of you know any library system that uses CouchDB and is in 
>> production??
>> Do you mean an ILS (as in, a system for libraries), or a digital library?
>> I've created a mobile/desktop digital library as a couchapp:
>>, but I'm not aware of any ILS's that 
>> use CouchDB as a backend. What exact functionality are you looking for?
>> Bob Wadholm
>> Bob Wadholm
>> Web / Instructional Design Consultant 
>> 209 Trooper Ave
>> Garrison, ND 58540
>> (812) 391-2017

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