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From Robert Wadholm <>
Subject RE: Library System in production
Date Fri, 11 May 2012 19:08:17 GMT
Couchdb itself is still RESTful even in a multi-user environment, and is
very relaxing if you're using and building open data sets and are not
overburdening your server(s). If the data (including personal data) becomes
something that is not open (or a security issue), it's a bit more work to
make CouchDB truly locked down (I think it wants to be free;).
Authentication and partitioning of users and DBs, however, is often
something that gets taken care of at the application level and/or in the
technology stack used alongside couch. 

The Little Library is built intentionally for open data sets and multi-user
environments, and has a fully RESTful interface for users (and for user
setup) that is taken care of at the application level (in the design
document) and at the technology stack level (a separate RESTful PHP proxy
takes care of automating multiuser DB tasks online and with
authentication/user setup issues, and the Java-reliant CouchApp Takeout
makes local installation of the software and application itself relaxing). 

So I think there are good tools out there that make setting up specific
kinds of multi-user environments very relaxing, and CouchDB itself does a
good job at basic multi-user environments, and with playing nicely with
other tools/languages/environments that can add functionality (via it's
RESTful interface).

I think that overall--even when there are lots of people on the couch--it's
still comfy.

>>>are they relax for the multi-user environment

在 2012年5月11日星期五,Robert Wadholm 写道:

> How many users/clients are you expecting? CouchDB itself scales quite 
> well as far as the size of the DB is concerned (especially in the 
> numbers of files you are talking about). It also scales well for 
> numbers of synchronous users/clients, though if needed you can look at 
> BigCouch for increased scalability as far as that is concerned I think 
> (you can create a couch in the cloud). If documents or attachments are 
> relatively stable (not being changed excessively often--like every 
> couple of seconds), performance is quite high. Of course, your 
> application will need to be built to scale well--check out the CouchDB 
> guide online for a starter on how couch (and your app) can scale: 
> Bob
> > I forgot something.
> > How scalable is CouchDB for enterprises applications in a library 
> > with
> thousands and thousands of files

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