There's a whole bunch of ways to do that... but here are 2:

1. create a map function that emits all the days of the event as keys - the searching for any particular day would yield those events
2. use geocouch, store the start & end dates as a box, then you can use the current date as a bbox to find all events that overlap. Using this method, you'd want to store time as an integer value and not a string.

IMHO #2 is probably a cleaner approach, but requires GeoCouch.

- Jim

Jim Klo
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On Apr 27, 2012, at 11:19 AM, Stephan Bardubitzki wrote:

I have a database of events and since events can be multi-day events all documents have a start_date and end_date. Now I want to get all events that happen today and those that are starting in the coming days.

How should I determine if today is in the range of start_date and end_date?

To make things more complex an event can be assigned to one or more categories such as sports, music etc. So the next task would be to get all events of a certain category that happen today and in the coming days.

Since a db of events might be a common task I hope someone has already come up with a solution.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.