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From Martin Hewitt <>
Subject BigCouch & couchdb-lucene
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2012 15:38:37 GMT
Hi all,

I've configured a three-node BigCouch cluster and am working on bringing up couchdb-lucene
as part of it.

I've installed, unpacked and started couchdb-lucene, and have added the requisite lines into

The first thing that struck me was that I could only access it on the backedn (...:5986) port
rather than the primary (...:5984) port, but I figured I could deal with that, for now.

However, once I query a database view, I get the following error:

2012-04-25 19:41:56,352 WARN [db1] Exiting after init() raised exception.
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: [79521,"g1AAAAGbeJzLYWBg4MhgTmEQT8pMT84vTc5wMDQ30jM00zO0BGJjgxygAqZEhiT5____ZyUxMKi1EVSdpAAkk-yhGtRdCWtwAGmIh9lwi7CGBJCGepgN0gQ15LEASYYGIAXUMx-syYlITQsgmvaDneZDpKYDEE33wZpOE6npAUQTJBA6sgABPG9K"]
not recognized.
	at com.github.rnewson.couchdb.lucene.couchdb.UpdateSequence.parseUpdateSequence(
	at com.github.rnewson.couchdb.lucene.couchdb.DatabaseInfo.getUpdateSequence(
	at com.github.rnewson.couchdb.lucene.DatabaseIndexer.init(

If I load ...:5986/_fti/ I get:

	• couchdb-lucene: "Welcome",
	• version: "0.9.0-SNAPSHOT"

I've tried adding the couchdb-lucene config as:

_fti = {couch_httpd_proxy, handle_proxy_req, <<"">>}

in an effort to get it to use the frontend port, but no dice. 

I currently have:

_fti = {couch_httpd_proxy, handle_proxy_req, <<"">>}

In my /opt/bigcouch/etc/default.ini file, and I'm using the example design doc from the,
with fields adjusted to match my documents

I'm using:

	• couchdb: "Welcome",
	• version: "1.1.1",
	• bigcouch: "0.4.0"

On CentOS 6.2.

Any ideas what could be going on?


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