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From Aurélien Bénel <>
Subject Re: If-Match revision
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2012 14:34:12 GMT
>> I was reading RFC 2616 again, and I noticed the existence of the "If-Match" header.
(...) Do you remember what was the design rationale for not using it to pass revision IDs
to CouchDB? Are there any limitations with this header definition?
> CouchDB has supported If-Match for years.

Thanks for your answer Robert.

Don't take my question as a rebuke. I'm just interested in REST architectures, I love CouchDB,
and I wanted to know if there was a problem with the definition of "If-Match".

I'm happy to read it is already implemented*, but I wonder why this is not presented as the
default way to pass revisions to CouchDB. Is it just a historical reason? Or is the other
way considered to be better? 



[*] On the API wiki, the feature is documented for DELETE but not for PUT. Should I add it?

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