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From Chris Anderson <>
Subject Mobile sync use cases
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2012 19:02:10 GMT
Hello CouchDB users,

I know some of you are interested in the potential of CouchDB style
sync, to bring offline data access to users on mobile devices.

Couchbase has invested a lot of time into building CouchDB compatible
implementations for mobile devices. [1]

We are getting to the point in the product development cycle where we
need to make some hard decisions, about which use cases to prioritize,
and which cases are better left to fend for themselves. I have a few
questions which will help us know what the bulk of the users are
thinking of doing on mobile platforms.

If you prefer to reply privately, feel free to email me at jchris at or jchris at - thanks in advance!

Are you interested in a solution that bridges big data on the server,
with user-level subsets on the phone? Eg the data in the cloud would
be in a repository that contains all of the user data, with queries to
split out the data for a given user. (Think filtered replication on

Or is it more about keeping a single user's data up to date across
their devices? This is more like Apple iCloud or Dropbox, and would
have less need for a centralized consolidated database and advanced
query based sync filtering.

Is there a collaborative aspect to your data? Will disconnected users
potentially be working on the same data and generating conflicting



Chris Anderson

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