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From Nils Breunese <>
Subject Re: couchdb space usage issue
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2012 09:16:40 GMT
Mehdi El Fadil wrote:

> I have left an application populating couchdb with tweets on a dev server
> running for a few days.
> At one point there were 1.7 million documents, and the database was using
> approx. 8GB. One day later there were 1.71 million documents, but the DB
> had filled the whole disk (20 GB). This looks strange, only 100 000 new
> docs, using more space than the 1.7 million that were previously there. All
> the documents were created by the same script.
> What happened during this day was insertion of documents, one replication
> (before the disk was filled), few get _all_docs queries, and I doubt that
> any view has been refreshed.
> There has not been any update running on the docs. Logs show errors related
> to the no space left on device, but nothing before that.
> I have copied the 20GB couchdb database file to a larger disk to get able
> to trigger a replication, and the replicated version only uses a bit more
> than 8 GB.
> Any explanation of the cause of the huge jump in space usage by the
> database?
> couchdb version is 1.1.0 is I remember well.

Do documents get updated? Did you try to run compaction?

You can also run compaction from Futon. I believe future versions of CouchDB may do auto-compaction.


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