Hello CouchDB community!

I've been building a Java View Server for CouchDB and per our client, it's being released as Apache 2.  You can find the source here: https://github.com/jimklo/Barista

If you were wondering why we built a Java view server - the communities we are working with have existing R&D Java investment in libraries that parse and analyze their documents and metadata, that we believe might be useful to reuse rather than port to JavaScript or Erlang.

Documentation for install and use is on the project's GitHub Wiki (https://github.com/jimklo/Barista/wiki). Currently only Map support is implemented (along with log, and reset). Reduce is partially implemented, but full support coming soon, possibly by end of week!

Critique and criticism (and even pull requests) are welcome.


- Jim

Jim Klo
Senior Software Engineer
Center for Software Engineering
SRI International