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From Stefan Kögl <>
Subject View indexing slow on 1.2 branch
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 06:46:03 GMT

For testing purposes I've been replicating a database
(doc_count:24712508, doc_del_count: 769920, update_seq: 135828514) to
another Couch instance built from the current 1.2.x branch (pull
replication using replicator db, if that's relevant). Both databases
are running on virtual machines with similar setups.

However the indexing of the views on the 1.2 couch are considerably
slower (maybe 1/10 of the speed) than on the other server. As far as I
can tell, its not the hardware that's causing the low performance,
because the VM's CPU is hardly active (~20% CPU by beam.smp, maybe ~1%
for couchjs, nothing else active) and disk performance seems OK based
on some tests.

I've already applied some of the performance tips from

but that didn't bring any improvement.

Do you have any tips how to analyze performance bottlenecks, or any
suggestions on how to improve performance?


-- Stefan

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