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From mike iannacone <>
Subject Re: views fail with "OS Process timed out."
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2012 16:03:42 GMT
Thanks for the response.  Looking around a bit more, it does seem like
our documents are larger than most people are using.  Is there any
general guideline or rule of thumb as to how large documents should

For some background, this is full of public health metrics and related
data, which we're compiling from several different sources.  Each
document basically corresponds to one metric from one source.  Many of
these were imported from csv files, so mapping one csv file to one
document made some sense for us.  The documents each contain various
metadata (the source, the years, possibly some statistical info, etc),
and then a list of individual data objects.  It might make sense to
split this up, so that each document only contains the metadata, and
has an attachment with the actual data.  Does that sound like a good
approach, or am I on the wrong track with that?


On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 9:36 AM, Steve Foulkes <> wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2/10/12 8:58 PM, mike iannacone wrote:
>> Hi, I've been running into some rather strange errors when running my
>> view code in certain cases.  It seems to run fine until the size of
>> the database grows beyond a certain point, at which point I get
>> timeouts.  The confusing part is that this size where it starts
>> failing is quite low, around 1773 documents, totaling 402MB.
>> environment:
>> This is my development server, running couchDB 1.1.1, built using the
>> build-couchdb tool as the wiki recommended, on a completely new Ubuntu
>> install.  (I reinstalled it a few hours ago, thinking it might be some
>> kind of environment problem.)
>> overall process shown in the logs:
>> *load a subset of documents, and confirm the views work
>> *load most of the remaining documents, views work
>>  (this was done from the futon client, running on another machine.
>> It sees the connection time out, but view index builds ok anyway, and
>> completes a few minutes after the client has given up.  When the
>> client requests the view afterwards, it works fine, and fast now that
>> the index is done.)
>> *upload another 18 documents, (the largest ones, ranging from 10M to
>> 22M,) view failed with "OS Process timed out."
>> The log of everything described up to this point is included.
> The large documents are the problem.  The view process is taking too long to
> process them and is timing out.  You can increase the timeout in the
> configuration which is accessible from futon, it's under "couchdb" and
> called "os_process_timeout".
> Steve
>> This seems strange as it gave this error only now, when it took so
>> long previously.  At any rate, I increased the os_process_timeout
>> value to 10 minutes, and attempted it again, and it still timed out
>> after only a few seconds.  (this is shown in the second log file,
>> although it is essentially the same as the first.)
>> the actual view functions are shown in the log, but for convenience they
>> are:
>> "indicator_summary": {
>>            "map": "function(doc) {\n  if(doc.Data){\n    var temp =
>> {};\n    temp.Name = doc.Name;\n    temp.Description =
>> doc.Description;\n    temp.Sources = doc.Sources;\n    temp.SourceURL
>> = doc.SourceURL;\n    temp.Years = doc.Years;\n    temp.National =
>> doc.National;\n    temp.LocaleLevels = doc.LocaleLevels;\n
>> temp.Demographics = doc.Demographics;\n    temp.Unit = doc.Unit;\n
>> temp.UnitLabel = doc.UnitLabel;\n    temp.DataType = doc.DataType;\n
>>  temp.Category = doc.Category;\n    temp.TopCorrelated =
>> doc.TopCorrelated;\n    emit(doc.Name, temp);\n  }\n}"
>>        },
>>        "indicator_detail": {
>>            "map": "function(doc) {\n  if(doc.Data&&  doc.Years){\n
>> for(var i=0; i<doc.Years.length; i++){\n      for(var j=0;
>> j<doc.LocaleLevels.length; j++){\n        var temp = {};\n
>> temp.Name = doc.Name;\n        temp.Description = doc.Description;\n
>>      temp.Sources = doc.Sources;\n        temp.SourceURL =
>> doc.SourceURL;\n        /*for(var k=0; k<doc.National.length; k++){\n
>>         if(doc.National[k][doc.Years[i]]){\n            temp.National
>> = doc.National[k][doc.Years[i]];\n          }\n        }*/\n
>> temp.Demographics = doc.Demographics;\n        temp.Unit = doc.Unit;\n
>>        temp.UnitLabel = doc.UnitLabel;\n        temp.DataType =
>> doc.DataType;\n        temp.Category = doc.Category;\n
>> temp.Data = doc.Data;\n        temp.TopCorrelated =
>> doc.TopCorrelated;\n        emit([doc.Name, doc.Years[i]], temp);\n
>>   }\n    }\n  }\n}"
>>        }
>> Besides this, I've tried replicated to a second machine, and on that
>> one adjusting several values, with no real progress: increased erlang
>> heartbeat timeout, increased erlang heap size, increased spidermonkey
>> stack size.  These all either made no difference, or caused other
>> errors.  I admit I was kind of guessing when changing those, so its
>> entirely possible that I was completely on the wrong track with those.
>>  At any rate, the logs I included (and the current state of that dev
>> machine) is with everything set to its default values, except for that
>> 10 minute os_process_timeout value I mentioned above.
>> Any help would be fantastic, as I'm completely out of ideas at this
>> point.  I'd of course be glad to provide any additional info that
>> might be useful to you.
>> Thanks!
>>     Mike

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