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From Marcello Nuccio <>
Subject Re: view file growing too large
Date Sat, 11 Feb 2012 07:30:43 GMT
I fear that it's quite hard to respond without knowing the map and
reduce functions. Can you share some more details?


2012/2/10 C J <>:
> The view file for my database is growing ten times faster than my database.
> View compaction recovers much of this used space, but I'd like to minimize
> how often I run view compaction.
> Here's some background: I'm attempting to use couchdb as the backend to a
> metrics and statistics system for our application. It is VERY similar to
> statsd, if you're familiar with that. What this means is that we send a new
> document to couch every 10 seconds. We never update existing documents and
> never delete documents. The documents can contain anywhere from 20 to 500
> datapoints. Each datapoint is emitted seperately in the format:
> key: ["",2012,2,9,13,0,0] value <some small number>.
> Because we are writing so much data so frequently, I've found that I need
> to keep our view warm by querying it on an interval (currently every ten
> seconds). Functionally, this solution works great, when we hit the views
> for real, they respond quite quickly. The problem is that this view warming
> causes the view file to grow very quickly.
> Anyone know a way around this? FWIW, my view does have a reduce function
> and for the view warming query, I've tried version with reduce=true and
> reduce=false.
> Thanks in advance,
> GN

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