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From "Szabo, Viktor" <>
Subject RE: possible compact bug in 1.1.1
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2012 16:56:41 GMT
Hi Rogutės,

Thanks, I've just created a ticket under COUCHDB-1415.

I've marked it as "Major" although it could be considered "Critical" given the fact
one might lose the data thinking it's stored into the database while it's not.


-----Original Message-----
From: Rogutės Sparnuotos [] 
Sent: 21 February 2012 14:16
Subject: Re: possible compact bug in 1.1.1

Szabo, Viktor (2012-02-20 21:16):
> Hi,
> An application we have is using bulk writes to insert objects into the 
> database, and occasionally some documents get lost. It turns out this 
> happens for the very same reason described below. If we're re-insering 
> a doc using an id that has been deleted earlier, if the contents match 
> the payload that was saved when the id got used for the first time, 
> the doc remains in "deleted" state and the client gets a misleading response. This only
happens when the database is compacted after the delete operation is executed.
> I still feel that this is pretty nasty - what do you guys think?
> Looking at the reply coming from _bulk_docs, there's no way I can tell if I can read
back my doc from the database or not.

This is a bug and it would be nice if you could report it to JIRA. I can also reproduce it
with the latest CouchDB version from git (and this seems not really related to _bulk_docs):

alias curl='curl -H "Content-Type: application/json"'

1 curl -X PUT $url
2 curl -X POST $url -d '{"_id": "bug", "key": "value"}'
3 curl -X DELETE "$url/bug?rev=1-59414e77c768bc202142ac82c2f129de"
4 curl -X POST "$url/_compact"
5 curl -X POST $url -d '{"_id": "bug", "key": "value"}'
6 curl -X GET "$url/bug"
  (bug here)

1 {"ok":true}
2 [{"ok":true,"id":"bug","rev":"1-59414e77c768bc202142ac82c2f129de"}]
3 {"ok":true,"id":"bug","rev":"2-9b2e3bcc3752a3a952a3570b2ed4d27e"}
4 {"ok":true}
5 [{"ok":true,"id":"bug","rev":"1-59414e77c768bc202142ac82c2f129de"}]
6 {"error":"not_found","reason":"deleted"}

CouchDB shouldn't report "ok" on step 5 and then go on to claim that the doc is deleted. Also,
it seems to work on second try:

7 curl -X POST $url -d '{"_id": "bug", "key": "value"}'
8 curl -X GET "$url/bug"

7 {"ok":true,"id":"bug","rev":"3-674f864b73df1c80925e48436e21d550"}
8 {"_id":"bug","_rev":"3-674f864b73df1c80925e48436e21d550","key":"value"}

--  Rogutės Sparnuotos

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