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From Nathan Vander Wilt <>
Subject Re: using mustache in couchapp
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 07:08:07 GMT
On Feb 15, 2012, at 5:01 PM, john.tiger wrote:
> assuming my app.js and mustache.js are in the same attachments folder - when I've used:
> var Mustache = require('mustache');
> => require not found
> do I have to include require.js as well ?

If you want to use JavaScript on the server side, you'll need to store it as a *property*
on your design doc. So in a "lib" folder (outside of _attachments) with the 'couchapp' it
will get included like:

couchapp folder
  _id file
  |_ _attachments folder
      |_ ...clientside media...
  |_ lib folder
      |_ mustache.js


{_id:"<file contents>", _attachments: {...}, lib:{mustache:"<file contents>"}}

Then you would use it in a _show/_list/_update function with `var Mustache = require('lib/mustache')`.
When I do need a library both server and clientside with 'couchapp', I tend to symlink it
so it appears in both _attachments and other properties.

hope this helps,
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