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From Pete Vander Giessen <>
Subject Re: Slow db w/ lots of replications
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2012 18:30:52 GMT
Hi Rob,

Thank you for the reply. Here're the answers to your questions:

> When you say "not running out of disk" are you referring to running
> out of free space or are you also saying you are not using all your
> disk I/O?

Free space. Will poke at our IT guy, and see if I can get more info
about the specs of the disks on the machine (it's a VM running on
hardware we have at a colo, though currently it's the only VM running
on that piece of hardware, so it's not  fighting with anything for

> How close are you to maxxing out your CPU's?

With 20 clients connected, on a machine with two cores, we were close
to using 90% of each core, with most of that being the beam.smp

> Finally, what version of Erlang are you using?


> ... , and in CouchDB releases since the 1.0.x

Yeah. Upgrading to 1.1.x is in the works. I just need to go through
our patches, and either drop them, or make sure they work against

Thank you,

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