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From Randall Leeds <>
Subject Re: Help installing CouchDB on Ubuntu
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2012 22:40:44 GMT
On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 23:06, Marcello Nuccio
<> wrote:
> Randall, I've found the time to test your PPA on Ubuntu Oneiric server 32bit.
> Following *exactly* your instructions, I've installed couchdb-1.0.1
> from Ubuntu repositories, because you forgot to `apt-get update` after
> `apt-add-repository`.
> Then I've tried to "dist-upgrade". This went well, but the old service
> failed to stop during upgrade. So I had to kill the old process before
> starting the new one. However this is not a problem of your PPA.
> Then I've run the test suite from Futon and it worked.
> Can I suggest to use Upstart instead of the old system? It's trivially
> easy to setup, and it's much more reliable. It never happened to me
> that stopping of a service fails with upstart. I can send you the
> configuration I'm using if you want.

Great feedback. I'd love to see the upstart config you're using.
I looked at an upstart setup for the first time this past week and it
seems very easy indeed.

> Thanks,
>  Marcello
> 2012/1/20 Randall Leeds <>:
>> The Ubuntu instructions are the wiki are incredible difficult to
>> follow because things have changed in the Ubuntu repositories, mostly
>> around SpiderMonkey, and it's really hard to communicate it all in the
>> wiki. I've tried and I've edited that page a number of times but I
>> know there are problems... I'll comb back through it. Sorry for that.
>> I wish I had caught this thread earlier, but if you wouldn't mind
>> testing out my PPA for Ubuntu, that would be great. It should install
>> 1.1.1 on any Natty with no trouble.
>> $ apt-get install python-software-properties             <- needed for
>> next command
>> $ apt-add-repository ppa:randall-leeds/couchdb
>> $ apt-get install couchdb
>> $ update-rc.d couchdb defaults     <- start at startup
>> I haven't put this on the wiki because I haven't received feedback yet
>> from people tell me it worked for them.
>> -Randall

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