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From Marty Schoch <>
Subject Re: Failure on source commit: {error,undefined}
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2011 21:52:29 GMT
Hi Robert,

If your issue only affects Couchbase Mobile, you may get better
support discussing the issues here:!forum/mobile-couchbase

1.  I'm not exactly clear what kind of proxy/filtering you're trying
to accomplish
2.  If you access the root URL of the Couchbase Mobile you should see
a response like:

"couchdb": "Welcome",
"version": "1.2.0a-7b47329-git"

This includes a git hash of the particular revision it was built with.
 In this case, that hash corresponds to:

3.  Couchbase Mobile is completely open source.  The binaries we ship
are built from the source on github.  Some of the confusion may be
that Couchbase Mobile includes more than just CouchDB.  This is
largely because the mobile platforms demand that we build our own
erlang vm, spidermonkey javascript engine, etc.  Because we need to
manage multiple source trees, we use the repo tool to pull everything
together.  The repo manifest for Couchbase Mobile for Android is here:  If you
take a look at that, it has pointers to all the subprojects.

4.  At the moment I'm not aware of any other implementations.

5.  Yes, Couchbase Mobile should sync with CouchDB.  This is something
we test pretty regularly.

Regarding the particular replication issue you face, it would help if
you could run "adb logcat" and share the contents on a site like
pastebin.  This should provide a much more detailed view of the


On Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 4:33 PM, Robert Hailey <> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I hope that someone might be able to shed some light on what I thought would be a simple
couchdb proxy experiment, which seems to be stuck at this error message:
> [error] [<0.166.0>] Replication `5e97f59236654e969f9e53af1fb63791` (``
-> `current_marketplace`) failed: {checkpoint_commit_failure,<<"Failure on source
commit: {error,undefined}">>}
> The overall theory (at present) is a simple one which I'm sure I read about somewhere:
"allow only GET requests for a read-only filter", although in practice I've noticed that replication
requires at least one POST too (_ensure_full_commit), so I've made an account for that as
> I was able to get it working with couchdb v1.1.1 (when replicating to v1.1.1), but when
I try to use "couchbase" (for convenience on mobile devices) I get the above error. I'm pretty
sure it's hung up on the ensure_full_commit (or thereabout), and the best lead I have atm
is: , and what appears to be a dropped
'reason' (the "undefined" field; ???).
> The couchbase version I'm using is labeled:
>> Android-Couchbase : Version 2.0, Ektorp : Version 1.2.2 <
> So to any gracious and knowledgeable enough to help the ignorant, I have a few questions:
> (1) Is there already a project that does this proxy/filtering, I noticed "Lounge" but
it seems like there was a smaller one,
> (2) How can I determine what version of couchdb corresponds to couchbase-2.0? (1.2.2
is not released !!!)
> (3) Does the Android-Couchbase source on github really reflect the binaries? (I could
not find couchdb source in them)
> (4) Is there a better (or alternate-but-easy) means of using couchdb on android rather
than couchbase? preferrably one with easily accessible source & couchdb version associations...?
> (5) Is it even an expected use-case to connect a couchbase to a couchdb (which is to
say, am I doing something crazy to begin with?).
> Thanks for your time. At the moment I'm wishing erlang was as easy to read & compile
as C... :-)
> --
> Robert Hailey

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