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From Erwin Manurung <>
Subject Remote Pull Replication Fails when using filter
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2011 09:52:10 GMT
Dear All,

Need help for replicating from remote database into local database.
Currently I developed an application where our local copy can be
push/pull ( synchronized) with server database.
Both 'remote' and local database is in my local.

When doing 'pull':
	source: "http://admin:password@localhost:5984/remotedb",
	target: "localdb",
	filter: "example/small_filter",
	query_params: { name: "myname" }

I will always get this error: (attached replicate_error.txt)
I'm using Apache CouchDB version: 1.1.0

I'm trying also using CouchDB from Couchbase, CouchDB version is

I will always get this changes_reader_died error:

I assume this is happened because it has no access or can not found
the filter on the specified design doc.
But when I'm doing this like  below (local replication with the same
local and remote database, and the same filter):
	source: "remotedb",
	target: "localdb",
	filter: "example/small_filter",
	query_params: { name: "myname" }

It will just work fine.

Is anybody has any problem or solution found about this?

Any help would be appreciated.

Erwin Manurung

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