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From Mike Kimber <>
Subject RE: Question on what is CouchDB's strength
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2011 10:12:29 GMT

It's definitely horses for courses stuff, but a few of items in couch's favour that we like
(but were are no experts!) are:

1. Its Apache 2.0 license vs MongoDB's AGPL. So if you're looking to use it commercially then
it's more friendly
2. Couchdb seems to have a very vibrant eco system i.e. there's a lot of add-on's etc such
a couchapp (automatically replicates your applications with your data if your comfortable
with that design pattern that is), Big Couch, for scale out, etc, etc  and then there's the
commercial offering from couchbase, although there seems to be a few incompatibilities if
you want to upgrade from couchdb pure (open source or commercial) to couchbase (i.e. couchdb
plus memcache) 
3. Its ridiculously easy to install and then administer when compared with more traditional
DBMS's, backup wise you can just copy the datafiles live!
4. If you need it has document versioning and then coupled with that unlimited multi master
replication, which is actually pretty a pretty rare commodity;
5. The restful API is nice also

We use CouchDB as a datawarehouse for processing/analysing JSON documents, so lightning fast
performance is not critical, if performance is critical and you can live with the license
MongoDB may be a better option.

I believe the performance side of couchdb is gradually being addressed as part of the couchbase

Oddly enough (and one of the reasons open source is so great) the Mongodb web site has a good

Also I always find the following useful when I have to question why I chose one NOSQL vs another!


d : +44 (0)28 9078 8378

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From: Roman Geber [] 
Sent: 12 December 2011 10:27
Subject: Re: Question on what is CouchDB's strength


for me one of the greatest strength is its capability to store the apps
used to work with your data. Couchapps take some getting used to, but
they are very convineint and fully integrated.

I wrote a blog post about couchdb's features and linked some of the
resources I use a lot here:


On 12/12/2011 02:41 AM, jack chrispoo wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am new to CouchDB. I and my friends have been evaluating several
> datastores including Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB, CouchDB in terms of update,
> read, insert, scan throughput and latency. In our tests CouchDB performs
> worst in all tests. I once read about some saying that because CouchDB is
> written in Erlang, throughput and lantency is not CouchDB's strength. So
> can someone tell me some advantages of CouchDB compared to other
> datastores? I did look into views, but it seems that other datastores have
> similar funtionalities - MongoDB can also execute javascript to generate
> result, HBase has filter. So what exactly is CouchDB's strength?
> I'll be grateful to any comments, Thanks,
> jack

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