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From Robert Hailey <>
Subject Failure on source commit: {error,undefined}
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2011 21:33:09 GMT


I hope that someone might be able to shed some light on what I thought would be a simple couchdb
proxy experiment, which seems to be stuck at this error message:

[error] [<0.166.0>] Replication `5e97f59236654e969f9e53af1fb63791` (``
-> `current_marketplace`) failed: {checkpoint_commit_failure,<<"Failure on source
commit: {error,undefined}">>}

The overall theory (at present) is a simple one which I'm sure I read about somewhere: "allow
only GET requests for a read-only filter", although in practice I've noticed that replication
requires at least one POST too (_ensure_full_commit), so I've made an account for that as

I was able to get it working with couchdb v1.1.1 (when replicating to v1.1.1), but when I
try to use "couchbase" (for convenience on mobile devices) I get the above error. I'm pretty
sure it's hung up on the ensure_full_commit (or thereabout), and the best lead I have atm
is: , and what appears to be a dropped
'reason' (the "undefined" field; ???).

The couchbase version I'm using is labeled:

> Android-Couchbase : Version 2.0, Ektorp : Version 1.2.2 <

So to any gracious and knowledgeable enough to help the ignorant, I have a few questions:

(1) Is there already a project that does this proxy/filtering, I noticed "Lounge" but it seems
like there was a smaller one,
(2) How can I determine what version of couchdb corresponds to couchbase-2.0? (1.2.2 is not
released !!!)
(3) Does the Android-Couchbase source on github really reflect the binaries? (I could not
find couchdb source in them)
(4) Is there a better (or alternate-but-easy) means of using couchdb on android rather than
couchbase? preferrably one with easily accessible source & couchdb version associations...?
(5) Is it even an expected use-case to connect a couchbase to a couchdb (which is to say,
am I doing something crazy to begin with?).

Thanks for your time. At the moment I'm wishing erlang was as easy to read & compile as
C... :-)

Robert Hailey

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