We are collecting statics couchdb and views that provide analysis. However management don’t do javascript and I’m a back en guy, so I’m hoping that the group could possibly provide some suggestions/recommendations on how we can deliver the data we are analysing into a more human friendly formats that involves lists of data and visualisation (charts etc). Now I know this is a how long is a piece of string question as there are a multitude of Web Frameworks, graphic libraries out there and on of the advantages of REST/JSON, but what I’m looking for is what seems to be the most common approach used by the community i.e couchapps/jquery/django ? I’ve done some Googling and have not been able to find much.


And out of interested what is the Couchdb app Futon written in?


Apologies if this is a rubbish question, but my management don’t seem to see it that way J







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