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From daniel williams <>
Subject couchdb .NET 4.0 client
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2011 21:16:38 GMT

I posted an question the other day in regard to latency leveraging the
Redbranch Hammock library on windows.  The codebase leverage the .NET 4.0
HttpWebRequest class which seems to have some serious issues in it's
communication with CouchDB.  I've noticed in a tcpdump on Mac with code
compiled in mono that a PUT/Save takes roughly 1~4ms total.  The same code
run on Mono or .NET takes about 200 ms and in analyzing the tcpdump on
windows (through mono or .NET making the execution) that after the Http
Continue 100 is received the .NET/Mono code on Windows 64 bit will wait
200ms roughly before sending the ACK to receive the response payload.  See
below, I've changed the machine names:

10:03:04.552113 IP machine > server:5984: P 1:190(189) ack 1 win 256
10:03:04.554113 IP server:5984 > machine: P 1:26(25) ack 190 win 65346
E..AI.@...zC..o...oX.`..Ug.b.eR.P..B....HTTP/1.1 100 Continue

10:03:04.554220 IP machine > server:5984: P 190:602(412) ack 26 win 256
10:03:04.558000 IP server:5984 > machine: P 26:351(325) ack 602 win 64934
E..mI.@...y...o...oX.`..Ug.{.eTDP.......HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Server: CouchDB/1.1.
10:03:04.751642 IP machine > server:5984: . ack 351 win 255
10:03:04.752131 IP server:5984 > machine: P 351:461(110) ack 602 win 64934

In doing a test in isolation on Windows 64 bit and .NET 4.0 I wrote a
TcpClient implementation that meets HTTP standards and I was able to PUT
4000 records successfully in less than 40 secs.  Does anyone out there know
of a more efficient library that can be used to communicate with the
CouchDB API on Windows 64 bit servers running .NET 4.0?  Looking at the
results of my tests run it would seem the most efficient to do straight
socket communication.



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