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From Michael Bykov <>
Subject rewrites with * bug?
Date Sat, 26 Nov 2011 05:51:09 GMT

please help me solve a problem:

I have URLs like Augustine/Confessiones/Book-5, URLs could have
arbitrary depth, so any number of slashes.



But in resulted key I got only first token! It looks like a bug, if I
am not completely mistaken:


[debug] [<0.224.0>] OAuth Params: [{"key","\"Augustine\""}]
[info] [<0.224.0>] - - 'GET'
/diglossa/_design/diglossa/_view/by_book?key=%22Augustine%22 200


It should replace * with complete path, isn't it?

In insecure mode I got the same result.

What can be done to solve the problem?

Thank you


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