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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject [windows] native build of benoitc's erica tool
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2011 10:13:42 GMT
Hi everybody,

I've been building benoitc's awesome erica[1] couchapp tool, which is
written in erlang and some C from CouchDB, into a native windows

It would be great if some of you can test it, in particular

- whether it works on your windows box *without* needing the provided
EJSON.DLL or not
- if you get any SxS or VC runtime errors
- where the ~/.erica/templates files end up on your system
- what version of erlang you have installed

You'll need to have couchdb\bin in your path so that the
erlang/escript/openssl is available, from one of my builds[3].

More info:

The objective is to have a single file which can be bundled into the
CouchDB binaries that I roll so that there is a consistent couchdb
access tool available on all platforms, more or less out of the box.
Hopefully having one that is developed in erlang will allow both
closer alignment with CouchDB itself and encourage more people to

The modified erica build relies on some changes to rebar, and some
ugly code [4] which I hope to fix soon before pushing a patch back. If
you have SDK 7.0, msys git, and Erlang R14B02/3/4 installed should be
possible to build this yourself, after building rebar [5].

For all the nodesters out there, with native windows node.js now
available I will be looking at whether some of those couchapp oriented
tools can be ported too. If you're interested in helping with this
please let me know offlist!



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